Basic Naturals was published on the Connecticut newspaper

Basic Naturals was published on the Connecticut newspaper called “The Hour” under the title: “Norwalk man goes back to basics for new line of natural balms”. The interest from The Hour came after we placed our products in the following local stores in Rowaytown and Norwalk, CT. The Collected Home – Rowayton, Connecticut The 1777 Company – Norwalk, Connecticut We are excited about the exposure by the media as our goal is to continuing to grow and provide high quality and real natural skin care products, free of chemicals, fragrances, alcohol and artificial preservatives. Click here to read the full article –>
Basic Naturals was published on the Connecticut newspaper at the collected home and - basic-naturals

Basic Naturals was published on the Connecticut newspaper

Natural eczema treatment for babies

Eczema can be a big hardship for sufferers, especially babies and their parents. It is not yet understood why babies develop eczema and it can be tricky to find a natural eczema treatment for babies that is gentle enough for their delicate skin. Skin Repair Salve was initially developed to treat my hands eczema, caused by when I touched a prickly pear cactus fruit. The main active ingredient of this product is calendula oil, which is known for its anti-inflammatory and ant-septic properties. Thus making it very effective as a natural treatment for eczema. Once I developed a formula that worked for me, we decided to try it on our baby for his diaper rash and a mild rash on his face from food residue. Within 10-20 minutes of applying it to clean skin, we saw improvements. We couldn’t believe we had been using commercial products, such as “Aquaphor” and honestly, they never seemed to work on our child. It didn’t take long before I started handing out samples of our organic calendula salve called Skin Repair to family and friends. The feedback was incredibly positive which led me to produce more and sell more. It has become our bestselling product. I studied and experimented with other types of natural skin care products, which eventually let me to start Skin Repair has become the go-to natural eczema treatment for babies in our family and among our friends and customers. We even have a dedicated fan who restocks regularly to treat his dog eczema. The key to Skin Repair Salve is our concentrated formula – 70% organic calendula oil – making it the most effective eczema treatment among other products in the market. And most importantly, it keeps the babies happy. natural treatment for baby rash - Basic-Naturals

Winter Farmers Market 2017 – Westport, CT

It’s been great to be part of the winter farmers market 2017 – Westport, CT. The winter market has been taken place at Gilbertie’s Herb Gardens which is a great place to shop for herbs, seeds and everything that you need for your garden. Farmers markets and shows are great places to interact with real customers. We enjoy talking with people, sharing ideas and receiving feedback from customers about our products and in general. This is the first time that we presented our new packaging to the public and people absolutely loved it. We can definitely tell that there is more awareness for natural skincare products now days. People were actually reading the ingredients of our packaging; which is one of our goals. natural skincare products - Basic-Naturalsnatural skincare brands - Basic-Naturalsnatural organic skincare - Basic-Naturals

Our latest product to protect and heal dry cracking hands

Suffer from dry hands or cracked cuticles? We have an amazing product for you. This is our latest product to protect and heal dry cracking hands and it’s called HAND SHAKE. HAND SHAKE will keep your hands moist and soft especially during the cold and dry season. HAND SHAKE – HANDS MOISTURIZER BALM
Hand Shake Balm – Best Hand Moisturizer for Dry Hands
Hand balm for cracked cuticles - Basic-Naturals

By seeking a natural cure for his eczema, he created Basic Naturals

Sometimes good things happen when we outside our comfort zone. As we follow the story of Basic Naturals, we discover this is the creation story of a certain local natural skincare line.  By seeking a natural cure for his eczema,  he created a company. Basic Naturals, a line of natural eco-friendly skincare products, is based in Connecticut, USA. This is the story of how it all started.

In 2009, while travelling, Yaniv, the founder of, touched a prickly pear (cactus fruit). The story goes that on a long bike ride he stopped to forage for something that would help him rehydrate in the heat. He found a fruit he recognized, the prickly pear cactus fruit, also known as the Sabra fruit. He picked one and bravely attempted to peel it with the tools he found. But rocks could not fully protect him from the prickers, and many got stuck in his skin, leaving behind almost invisible pricker heads. 

After some time, he developed a serious and painful case of eczema. His dermatologist prescribed only cortisone cream (a steroid with potentially serious long term use side effects). He insisted on finding a natural alternative. His painful experience and passion for a healthy lifestyle leading him to find a natural cure for eczema.

After four years of research and testing natural products on the market, he created Basic Naturals’ first product. This product was Skin Repair – Calendula Salve. He couldn’t believe it! Using Skin Repair daily healed his outbreak and kept further eczemic eruptions at bay. The salve quickly became a staple for his young family. They found it healing for not only eczema, but also for diaper rash, cuts, scrapes, bumps, burns, bug bites, razor burn and even dry chapped skin- it worked!

Knowing the ingredients come from safe and natural sources meant they were safe for the whole family. Clean beauty! Quickly, word spread through friends, family and co-workers that Yaniv had healed his hands and many wanted to try his formula for their skin ailments. Looking back now, it is amazing to think how quickly Basic Naturals Skincare became a business, and a full line of skincare products. By applying the same principles of minimalism, efficacy, naturalism, conservation and skin-barrier protection, Basic Naturals powered forward to create products that provide healing from head to toe. 

All of Basic Naturals’ Skincare products are alcohol-free, naturally preserved, free from artificial fragrances, non-GMO, organic, and skin barrier protecting. For more information visit Basic Naturals Skincare.  

Yaniv, founder of Basic Naturals Skincare and creator of Skin Repair with his original line of products.
Yaniv, founder of Basic Naturals Skincare and creator of Skin Repair with his original line of products.
Basic Naturals Products
Yaniv proudly displays the current packaging of another Basic Naturals product (Handshake Moisturizing Balm).