Natural Deodorant – We’ve got your arm pits covered

Wouldn’t it be great to stay fresh during the hot summer days? It’s finally here. A brand new natural deodorant without synthetic fragrances, alcohol or aluminum.

We’ve been working and testing “fresh underarms”, our band new deodorant for some time to make sure:

  1. You won’t smell during and after a workout
  2. It won’t stain your clothes
  3. It would last a long time
  4. It will smell great naturally with essential oils
  5. It would be easy to apply

Available in two scents: Clary Sage / Cedarwood

aluminum free deodorant with aloevera and essential oils - basic-naturals

Our latest product to protect and heal dry cracking hands

Suffer from dry hands or cracked cuticles? We have an amazing product for you. This is our latest product to protect and heal dry cracking hands and it’s called HAND SHAKE. HAND SHAKE will keep your hands moist and soft especially during the cold and dry season. HAND SHAKE – HANDS MOISTURIZER BALM
Hand Shake Balm – Best Hand Moisturizer for Dry Hands
Hand balm for cracked cuticles - Basic-Naturals