Natural deodorants

Natural and organic is the way to go and lately, this lifestyle has grown in popularity.
If you’re eager to go natural, you’ve already started to clean up your diet, going cruelty free in the beauty department, you have also begun to think about what else you can make progress with. Maybe you started purchasing non-toxic cleaning products and you’ve also tried out some natural deodorants but you got pretty bummed about it. Swapping out personal care products can be the most intimidating!

If you walk into any organic market or high-end cosmetic store, you’ll find shelves stocked with alternative deodorants and antiperspirants. What’s the difference between those two?
Antiperspirants are designed to keep you from sweating and their two main ingredients – aluminum and zirconium are added to temporarily plug your sweat glands.
Deodorants mask and neutralize underarm odor, but they won’t prevent you from sweating.

Most antiperspirants also contain the following common ingredients: parabens that act as hormone disruptors, triclosan, which is a known pesticide, and artificial colors and bleaches that can irritate the skin.
Typically, antiperspirants are coupled with a deodorant, which contains the pleasant scent that stops you from stinking.
Now, here’s the question – did all the deodorants you’ve been using until now contain aluminum and did that effect your health in any way?
All the major research into aluminum antiperspirants since the early 2000s has suggested that they’re not a problem, according to Dr. Susan Massick, a dermatologist at The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center.

This study from 2004 shows that if you apply a lot of Old Spice leads to DNA damage. Some researchers suggested that the aluminum in the deodorant might be the culprit, and that aluminum-bearing deodorants might be causing breast cancer in women since underarm antiperspirants are applied near the breast. Several scientists have suggested a possible connection between their use and breast cancer.
Some studies suggest that chemicals in antiperspirants, including aluminum, are absorbed into the skin, particularly during shaving. Those chemicals may then interact with DNA and lead to cancerous changes in cells, or interfere with the action of estrogen, which is known to influence the growth of breast cancer cells.

After creating a statistic about the health issues of the people using aluminum antiperspirants, scientists thoroughly debunked the idea that women who use aluminum-based antiperspirants get breast cancer more often than those who don’t. This study published in the journal Critical Reviews in Toxicology examined all the existing research into health issues surrounding aluminum and found no evidence that using this type of antiperspirant leads to breast cancer.
So for the chemical to cause cancer it has to actually enter the body in high doses. A small daily dab of aluminum to the armpit just doesn’t do that. To really purge aluminum from the body, you’d have to get rid of more than just antiperspirant.

People who are truly at risk for aluminum related cancers are for example, the industrial workers at smelters and other plants where’s a high concentration of aluminum-laces dust in the air.
Considering that one out of every eight women will develop breast cancer at some point in her lifetime, the idea that antiperspirants might somehow contribute to the disease is a serious claim.
So if you have a chance to potentially reduce your risk of illness by changing up your deodorant, wouldn’t you?
Further concerns about antiperspirants and kidney diseases were raised many years ago. Dialysis patients were given a drug called aluminum hydroxide to help control their high phosphorus levels in their blood. Since their kidney weren’t functioning properly, their bodies couldn’t remove the aluminum fast enough and it started accumulating.
In reality, it’s almost impossible to absorb enough aluminum through the skin to harm the kidneys but the FDA requires antiperspirant labels to carry the following warning: Ask a doctor before use if you have kidney disease.
Now, we both know that making the transition from conventional antiperspirants to natural deodorants can be a stinky process. We all want to avoid using toxic chemicals, but no one wants to give up smelling fresh and clean in the process. Luckily, you don’t have to!
We at Basic-Naturals prefer the natural way of deodorizing our bodies and have created this amazing product roll on deodorant which is free of aluminum, alcohol and artificial fragrance. This formula is designed for most skin types including sensitive skin. This quick drying formula will eliminate and protect against body odor even in the most intense workout.
Choosing the right organic deodorant product for you requires a little understanding.

Natural deodorants are not antiperspirants. As we were saying earlier, common antiperspirant ingredients (aluminum chlorohydrate and aluminum zirconium) block your sweat glands from producing sweat. Natural deodorants work by killing bacteria and neutralizing odor so that your sweat doesn’t smell bad.
Natural deodorants also contain plant-based moisturizers. Ingredients like shea butter, olive oil and mineral-rich clay can actually improve the condition of your pits, leaving them smooth and less prone to irritation.
Keep in mind that some natural ingredients work better for some people than others. Baking soda is an amazing deodorizer but some people with sensitive skin find it a bit too harsh for their underarm skin and may want a baking-soda free variety.
People who sweat heavily may prefer an organic deodorant that contains more heavy duty sweat-absorbing powders – kaolin clay and/or cornstarch.
The bottom line is this: there is a natural deodorant that will work for you! Don’t throw in the towel if you’ve gone the natural route and haven’t been impressed yet. You may just need to try different formula’s until you find the right one for you.
The best way to choose a product is to stay informed. Read the labels on products and learn more about the ingredients used in the brands that you use. So don’t forget to check out our roll on deodorant. It might be just perfect for you!


What is organic skincare?

Most of us are aiming to live a healthy lifestyle, whether that means eating healthy, exercising a few times per week, buying organic or reducing our carbon footprint.

In the last few years, the beauty industry has joined the wellness trend by commercializing products with terms like “natural”, “organic” and even “certified organic”. These are the most common marketing works used to describe products that contain ingredients sourced from nature.

Why do you consider organic?

Do you buy organic products because you think they are a great choice for your body or maybe just because it became a popular buzzword? Do you really understand what the term “organic”actually means? Or are you on the fence about switching to natural products?

Basically, the term “organic” refers to how an ingredient was farmed – it must be prepared and grown without pesticides, chemical fertilizers, growth hormones or antibiotics.

organic skin care by basic naturals

When talking about the food industry, organic products are regulated by the National Organic Program (NOP) which is run by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA). Producers and manufacturers that meet the NOP standards may label their products as certified organic. These standards were implemented in 2002 in the wake of the Organic Foods Production Act of 1990 (OFPA) and continue to be interpreted and developed by the National Organic Standards Board (NOSB). These standards address many factors: soil quality, animal raising, pest and weed control, and also the use of input materials.

If you want more details about the organic products in the food industry please check out the USDA website.

What about when it comes to skincare? And what exactly does it take for a beauty product to be classified as “organic”?

Clean beauty should be focused on transparency and wellness. It’s about brands being clear and honest about their choice of ingredients and ethics.

Organic beauty is about using products that are made from high quality, organic farmed ingredients. Going on the natural beauty path means saving your skin from being exposed to harsh chemicals that are harmful to your body and also leave a significant impact on the environment.

Long story short, given the right nutrients, our skin has the ability to care for itself. Keep in mind that our bodies use nutrients absorbed not only through food, but also through the skin. We tend to be far more scrutinizing about what we put in our body than what we put on it. But what goes on your skin absorbs into your bloodstream and is carried through your body. There are a lot of products packed with chemicals and artificial ingredients that might have temporary positive effects but long-term negative effects. So skincare products can be a major source of toxins.

While organic products are sourced from high quality sustainable sources and biodegradable ingredients, they say no to: toxic chemicals, GMO, parabens, synthetic colors, dyes and fragrances nano particles.

Organic products are also a green choice that’s supporting the planet’s well-being. Organic skincare will most likely have an earth friendly packaging material and even cruelty free from testing on animals.

Women in the US apply an average of 168 chemicals to their faces and bodies every day, according to research by the nonprofit Environmental Working Group. How does this happen? Many beauty products will give you instant gratification with skincare results: less visible wrinkles, sun spots disappear, never have acne again! Sound familiar? But we all know there are rarely quick fixes in life.

These products may keep their word but too often there’s a higher price: skin asphyxiation, accelerated dehydration, photo-sensitivity. Does it worth it?

If you want to find out more about safe and unsafe products, please check out this website:

Switching to organic often clears up dermatological issues people have been experiencing for years.

If you want to make sure what you are consuming is healthy, like picking out foods at the grocery store, checking the nutrition facts label on every packaging is the same as paying attention to the ingredients list of your skincare products.

How do we know if a product is organic? There are four options for organic claims — two of them are allowed to use the USDA Organic Seal on their packaging, and two of them are not.

100% Organicthe product contains only organically produced ingredients and is permitted to display the USDA Organic Seal.

Organic the product contains at least 95% organically produced ingredients and is permitted to display the USDA Organic Seal.

Made With Organic Ingredientsthe product contains at least 70% organic ingredients but is not permitted to display the seal.

Less than 70% Organic Ingredients products are not permitted to use the term “organic” anywhere on the packaging (and cannot display the seal) but are allowed to identify organically produced items in the ingredient list.

Beauty products labeled with organic claims must comply with both USDA regulations for the organic claim and FDA regulations for labeling and safety requirements for cosmetics.
If you want to be certain the products they are buying really are organic, they need to look out for the USDA seal. Also, look for specific terms such as “free of parabens” or “free of synthetic fragrance and dye”. Animal-derived ingredients such as beeswax and honey are natural ingredients. If you want to avoid animal-derived ingredients, you also need to check that the product is vegan.

The key to know for sure if there are harmful ingredients in your makeup or skincare products is to read the label. Be aware!

At Basic Naturals, we use organically grown flowers, high quality plant-based oils, pure essential oils and harm-free waxes (organic, first cold press and non-GMO).

“Mother Nature has provided us with everything we need, and that is all we should use.”

Natural Deodorant – We’ve got your arm pits covered

Wouldn’t it be great to stay fresh during the hot summer days? It’s finally here. A brand new natural deodorant without synthetic fragrances, alcohol or aluminum.

We’ve been working and testing “fresh underarms”, our band new deodorant for some time to make sure:

  1. You won’t smell during and after a workout
  2. It won’t stain your clothes
  3. It would last a long time
  4. It will smell great naturally with essential oils
  5. It would be easy to apply

Available in two scents: Clary Sage / Cedarwood

aluminum free deodorant with aloevera and essential oils - basic-naturals

We Won an International Silver A’ Design Award

Our label design won a Silver A’ Design Award!!
A'Design Award & Competition - Basic-Naturals

Silver A’ Design Award

We are proud to announce that Basic-Naturals packaging design won an international award. Thanks to our graphic designer Sophia Georgopoulou who worked with us closely to analyze the core of the Basic-Naturals brand back in 2016. The quality and the look of the Basic-Naturals design represent the quality of our products. All our products are formulated and tested to perfection! Here are some of the highlights from the article: UNIQUE PROPERTIES / PROJECT DESCRIPTION: The brand’s logo incorporates in the word ‘Basic’ the element of a flower pot in the shape of an inverted ‘A’ and a Calendula flower, constituting a wink to the first product created, based on this plant. The visual identity and label design of the brand had to respect its origins and sufficiently reflect the philosophy behind it. The primary colours are evidently earthly-ochre and black take center stage. The typography employed denotes a handwriting style, while still being clear, simple and very legible. Finally, the design of all individual products integrates an original illustration that relates directly to what the product is and does. PROJECT DURATION: This project started in May 2016 and the first batch of products were finalized in March 2017. The project is still ongoing with new label designs for new products. Read more here – Competition Adesignaward
Basic-Naturals logo design

Basic-Naturals logo design. Silver A’ Design Award

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Simple skin care hacks that will make you look and feel better

We often encounter scenarios that could make us look or feel uncomfortable. From sterilizing our hands through moisturizing and healing our skin, here are some simple skin care hacks that will make you look and feel better.
  1. Dry hands or face:
    • Aloe vera – Why not growing an aloe vera plan in your home or work environment? Aloe plants are easy to grow. (You can carry an aloe vera leaf in your car or bag if you can’t grow the plant. One leaf can last a long time) simply squeeze some aloe vera gel from the wider part of the leaf and rub it in on the desire surface.
    • Avocado – Don’t throw the skin after scooping out the fruit, use the left overs and apply directly on hands or face.
    • Vegetable oil – moisturizing your skin with olive oil or any available vegetable oil when your skin is dry is an excellent way to prevent dry and cracked skin. The best way is to rub in a small amount of oil on wet skin. No need emulsifier to combine the oil and the water. The rubbing is doing it on the spot.
  2. Cleaning your hands from germs – Carry some citrus fruit or peels with you. If you are not near a source of water and soap, peal the skin of a lemon, lime, orange or grapefruit and rub it on your hands. The citrus oil extracted from the peel has antibacterial properties making it perfect for killing germs. Your hands will also smell good with this skin care hack.
  3. Refresh and nourish your face – The office space tends to be very dry especially because of the air-conditioning. Causing our skin look and feel very dry. Making some green tea or chamomile tea? Don’t throw away the tea bags and apply all over the face, neck and under eye. Your skin will feel softer and naturally glowing from the cool tea bags full of antioxidants.
  4. Itchy skin – whether it’s from dry flaky skin, rash or bug bite, an aloe vera gel can help relief the itchiness almost immediately. Another alternative is to place ice cube or something cold from the fridge and apply on the itchy spot for a quick relief. And another alternative is to carry a calendula salve with you wherever you go.
  5. Minor cuts, scrape or sunburn – See skin care hack #1 about the aloe vera gel.
  6. Mosquito repellent – If you grow a geranium plant and simply rub some leaves on your skin when needed. This may do the trick with those tricky insects. Another alternative is to carry geranium essential oil and an electric diffuser. Here are some for example: Electric Diffuser for Essential Oil.
Hopefully these simple skin care hacks will change your life for the better. aloevera plant - basic-naturals natural lemon hand sanitizer - basic-naturals

Basic Naturals was published on the Connecticut newspaper

Basic Naturals was published on the Connecticut newspaper called “The Hour” under the title: “Norwalk man goes back to basics for new line of natural balms”. The interest from The Hour came after we placed our products in the following local stores in Rowaytown and Norwalk, CT. The Collected Home – Rowayton, Connecticut The 1777 Company – Norwalk, Connecticut We are excited about the exposure by the media as our goal is to continuing to grow and provide high quality and real natural skin care products, free of chemicals, fragrances, alcohol and artificial preservatives. Click here to read the full article –>
Basic Naturals was published on the Connecticut newspaper at the collected home and - basic-naturals

Basic Naturals was published on the Connecticut newspaper

Natural eczema treatment for babies

Eczema can be a big hardship for sufferers, especially babies and their parents. It is not yet understood why babies develop eczema and it can be tricky to find a natural eczema treatment for babies that is gentle enough for their delicate skin. Skin Repair Salve was initially developed to treat my hands eczema, caused by when I touched a prickly pear cactus fruit. The main active ingredient of this product is calendula oil, which is known for its anti-inflammatory and ant-septic properties. Thus making it very effective as a natural treatment for eczema. Once I developed a formula that worked for me, we decided to try it on our baby for his diaper rash and a mild rash on his face from food residue. Within 10-20 minutes of applying it to clean skin, we saw improvements. We couldn’t believe we had been using commercial products, such as “Aquaphor” and honestly, they never seemed to work on our child. It didn’t take long before I started handing out samples of our organic calendula salve called Skin Repair to family and friends. The feedback was incredibly positive which led me to produce more and sell more. It has become our bestselling product. I studied and experimented with other types of natural skin care products, which eventually let me to start Skin Repair has become the go-to natural eczema treatment for babies in our family and among our friends and customers. We even have a dedicated fan who restocks regularly to treat his dog eczema. The key to Skin Repair Salve is our concentrated formula – 70% organic calendula oil – making it the most effective eczema treatment among other products in the market. And most importantly, it keeps the babies happy. natural treatment for baby rash - Basic-Naturals

Winter Farmers Market 2017 – Westport, CT

It’s been great to be part of the winter farmers market 2017 – Westport, CT. The winter market has been taken place at Gilbertie’s Herb Gardens which is a great place to shop for herbs, seeds and everything that you need for your garden. Farmers markets and shows are great places to interact with real customers. We enjoy talking with people, sharing ideas and receiving feedback from customers about our products and in general. This is the first time that we presented our new packaging to the public and people absolutely loved it. We can definitely tell that there is more awareness for natural skincare products now days. People were actually reading the ingredients of our packaging; which is one of our goals. natural skincare products - Basic-Naturalsnatural skincare brands - Basic-Naturalsnatural organic skincare - Basic-Naturals

Basic Naturals Best Hand Cream! Our latest product to protect and heal dry cracked hands

best natural hand balm - basic-naturals

Are you wondering how to get rid of dry hands, cracked cuticles, rough skin?

The winter can be harsh and with handwashing and sanitizing during cold, flu, and virus season; it can be even harder to restore moisture to dry skin. Well, we have an amazing product for you! An alcohol-free moisturizer for dry skin that’s easy to carry with you. It fits perfectly in a jacket pocket or bag and doesn’t leak!

Tired of cracked hands and dry cuticles? This product does it all. Softens, protects, boosts elasticity and rejuvenates the skin.  A nourishing hand balm to restore elasticity and moisture at night, and keep your hands soft and moist all day. Developed to prevent and repair dry skin and cracked cuticles. The metal tin container fits comfortably in your pocket to carry wherever you go. Apply after every hand washing for incredibly soft hands.

Introducing our latest product to protect and heal dry cracking hands; it’s called HAND SHAKE.

Hand balm for cracked cuticles - Basic-Naturals
HAND SHAKE Moisturizing Hand Balm is made from simple ingredients that prioritize the health of your skin, while minimizing our company’s need for importing and without adding excessively to carbon emissions.

We like to keep it simple. Less sourcing from far far away means lower carbon emissions and a cleaner conscience and product. We love clean beauty here. Our ingredients include a balance of pure cold-pressed avocado oil, organic Shea butter, organic beeswax, pure castor oil, T-50 tocopherol (vitamin E), lavender and grapefruit essential oils. If you need to know one thing about Basic Naturals as a company, know this. We take pride in our responsible business practices, from using only skin-benefiting and skin-barrier protecting ingredients in each and every product, to how we package, preserve and ship our orders. As a company, and as a family we hope to make a positive impact on the world around us.

We choose ingredients like avocado oil, because it is one of the richest sources of beneficial monounsaturated fatty acids, anti-oxidants and vitamin E. Hand Shake balm helps the skin improve its softness and health all day long. It is considered one of the best hand moisturizers for dry hands on the market today because of its smooth consistency which will keep your hands protected for a long time.

Hand Shake Balm can help repair and protect dry hands and cracked cuticles all day long, penetrating deeply for restorative moisture, and protecting the epidermus at the same time with a barrier of ultranourishing Shea Butter. This natural plant-based butter creates a thin, protective layer on the surface of the skin which not rejuvenates and improves elasticity and skin tone, but also protects against environmental irritants while sealing in moisture.

Who should use Hand Shake Moisturizing Balm?

Because Hand Shake Moisturizing Balm has a mild, pure scent of french lavender and citrus, there is no need to worry about applying it before cooking or touching food. The subtle scent is gender neutral, not perfumey. This alcohol-free moisturizer is ideal for people who work with their hands a lot, especially outdoors or in cold climates. Unlike many products on the market which contain water, glycerin and alcohol, this product contains pure oils and is alcohol-free. These properties give our products more longevity on the skin, naturally extends the shelf-life, and protects the natural skin-barrier which can be damaged by other products which contain certain alcohols.  And those are just a few reasons why we consider this product the best treatment for dry hands.

Reminder: Because our products are never diluted, a little goes a long way. For best results, apply to damp skin after every handwashing.

* For all skin types

* Alcohol-free

* Non-GMO

* No artificial fragrance

* Mild scent

Size: 1.5 oz / 42 grams 

Curious about other Basic Naturals Products? Check out our Foot and Elbow Moisturizing Balm which we lovingly call:  Happy Feet



How the search for a natural cure for eczema created Basic Naturals Skincare

Sometimes good things happen when we outside our comfort zone. As we follow the story of Basic Naturals, we discover this is the creation story of a certain local natural skincare line.  This is the story of how the search for a natural cure for eczema created Basic Naturals Skincare. It all began with Skin Repair; the product that became the foundation for the company Basic Naturals. Offering a line of natural eco-friendly skincare products, Basic Naturals is based in Connecticut, USA. This is the story of how it all started.

In 2009, while travelling, Yaniv, the founder of, touched a prickly pear (cactus fruit). The story goes that on a long bike ride he stopped to forage for something that would help him rehydrate in the heat. He found a fruit he recognized, the prickly pear cactus fruit, also known as the Sabra fruit. He picked one and bravely attempted to peel it with the tools he found. But rocks could not fully protect him from the prickers, and many got stuck in his skin, leaving behind almost invisible pricker heads. 

After some time, he developed a serious and painful case of eczema. His dermatologist prescribed only cortisone cream (a steroid with potentially serious long term use side effects). He insisted on finding a natural alternative. His painful experience and passion for a healthy lifestyle leading him to find a natural cure for eczema.

After four years of research and testing natural products on the market, he created Basic Naturals’ first product. This product was Skin Repair – Calendula Salve. He couldn’t believe it! Using Skin Repair daily healed his outbreak and kept further eczemic eruptions at bay. The salve quickly became a staple for his young family. They found it healing for not only eczema, but also for diaper rash, cuts, scrapes, bumps, burns, bug bites, razor burn and even dry chapped skin- it worked!

Knowing the ingredients come from safe and natural sources meant they were safe for the whole family. Clean beauty! Quickly, word spread through friends, family and co-workers that Yaniv had healed his hands and many wanted to try his formula for their skin ailments. Looking back now, it is amazing to think how quickly Basic Naturals Skincare became a business, and a full line of skincare products. By applying the same principles of minimalism, efficacy, naturalism, conservation and skin-barrier protection, Basic Naturals powered forward to create products that provide healing from head to toe. And that is how the search for a natural cure for eczema created Basic Naturals Skincare.

All of Basic Naturals’ Skincare products are alcohol-free, naturally preserved, free from artificial fragrances, non-GMO, organic, and skin barrier protecting. For more information visit Basic Naturals Skincare.  

Yaniv, founder of Basic Naturals Skincare and creator of Skin Repair with his original line of products.
Yaniv, founder of Basic Naturals Skincare and creator of Skin Repair with his original line of products.
Basic Naturals Products
Yaniv proudly displays the current packaging of another Basic Naturals product (Handshake Moisturizing Balm).