Best Natural Skin Care Products ⋆ Organic Handmade ⋆ Basic-Naturals

Best Natural Skin Care Products ⋆ Organic Handmade ⋆ Basic-Naturals


natural skincare products - basic-naturals
natural skincare products - basic-naturals
best natural hand balm - basic-naturals

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Basic Naturals is on a mission to create natural, effective, healthful and affordable skin care.   Based in Norwalk, CT & est.2014  the founders have created a full line of unisex facial & body care.

Skin Repair“, a calendula-based salve created by Basic-Naturals, LLC; was developed to sooth and treat the founder’s severe case of contact dermatitis/eczema. Through extensive research, the founder and his wife/ partner have added 20+ products to their line. Basic-Naturals  sells direct to consumers through their website, Amazon, Etsy, and at in-person farmers’ markets and events when in session; as well as through Faire to stores and boutiques wholesale.

Basic-Naturals’ grounds their formulas in minimalism and efficacy. A good product need only contain the ingredients that help protect and restore skin health and vitality.  Together they strive to develop unique, fresh and effective products that promote healthy skin and natural glow.

All products are formulated using organically grown flowers, high quality plant-based oils, pure essential oils and harm-free waxes (organic, first cold press and non-GMO).

Our name says it all, but just in case you need it spelled out …:

All of our products are made with basic ingredients – simple formulas that work. Formulas which include only the necessary key ingredients. (Minimalism means less waste).

We only use natural ingredients provided by mother nature.

*Pure oils

*Organic flowers

*Beeswax/ shea butter/ mango butter, etc

*& essential oils.

**Non-GMO, No Alcohols, No synthetic fragrances, No filler ingredients**

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Some of Our Products

  • This natural, vegan and alcohol free body lotion will keep your skin soft and hydrated for hours. Apply it after your shower to seal in moisture and prevent dry skin, especially in cold dry weather. This luxurious Silky Body – All Body Lotion formula is lightly scented with pure essential oils and does not contain any synthetic fragrance. (*Synthetic fragrance is not considered a healthy ingredient.)

    Other benefits of this lotion come from moisturizing shea butter, and soothing aloe vera juice. Aloe vera juice is great for after-sun care, it also helps to moisturize the skin, boosts wound healing, fights premature skin-aging, reduces infection, prevents acne and even lightens old blemishes. Using this all over body lotion can help to improve skin tone and reduce redness for truly beautiful, touchable, smooth and healthy skin… all over.

    Silky Body – All Body Lotion comes in three scents: Lavender / Cedarwood / Natural-Unscented

    Product Properties:

    • Free of: alcohol, synthetic fragrance
    • Non-comedogenic
    • Vegan
    • Gluten free
    • Non-GMO

    How to use: Apply lotion onto skin until absorbed. For best results, use on damp skin after shower. For external use only. Store in a cool, dry place.

    Size: 8 fl oz / 236 ml

  • The ultimate dry lips treatment. A simple and effective formula with short list of ingredients to help protect and repair chapped lips.
    Natural Lip Balm – Peppermint – beeswax and essential oils to seal in moisture and protect your lips all day long.
    Peppermint has natural cooling properties which makes it ideal for hot, dry days.

    How to use: Apply as needed throughout the day to dry lips. Store in cool, dry place.
    Basic-Naturals Lip Balm is safe for all ages.

    Basic-Naturals products contain no petroleum, artificial fragrances and perfumes, parabens, or harmful chemicals.

    Size: 0.15 oz / 4.25 g

    Customers say:
    “Best treatment for chapped lips I ever tried”
    “Unlike other lip balms I have used, this one actually stays for a long time”

    Other scents we have:
    Blushing Rose
    Tropical Vanilla Pineapple

  • A very effective essential oil insect repellent especially for mosquitoes and ticks.
    A water-base formula that can be sprayed on skin and clothes.
    It actually smells good!

    • Deet Free
    • Alcohol Free
    • Animal and kids friendly

    Available in two sizes: 2 fl oz and 4 fl oz

  • Healthy Face – Natural Face Moisturizer Balm contains two powerful oils that are known for their healing properties for skin, especially for face because they are absorbed well and are won't leave your face greasy.

    • Sweet almond oil is a natural emollient and anti-inflammatory agent. It retains moisture, soften rough or dry skin and creates protective layer on the face.
    • Rose hip oil reduces the appearance of scarring and can reverse the effects of photo aging.