Happy Feet – Best Moisturizer for Cracked Heels


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Basic-Naturals HAPPY FEET is a silky smooth foot balm which helps prevent and repair dry and cracked heels and calluses. It helps restoring and retaining natural body oils to keep your feet soft and smooth. We consider it the best foot moisturizers for cracked heels because of its consistency of the shea butter, beeswax and olive oil.
It also contains tea tree oil for its antibacterial properties, chamomile oil for its soothing scent, and refreshing orange oil.

Apply before bed time and wake up with baby feet.



Your feet work hard! They deserved a treatment as well. Happy Feet is probably the best moisturizer for cracked heels because of the following properties: Thick enough and yet soft consistency that protects keeping your feet soft longer. It contains teat tree oil for its anti-microbial and anti-fungal properties.  As well as orange and chamomile oils for their natural, pleasant scent before bed time.

Size: 2 OZ
Ingredients: Organic raw shea butter, cold pressed olive oil, organic beeswax, cold pressed castor oil, vitamin E, chamomile essential oil, tea tree oil, orange oil
How to use: Apply to feet and elbows, and massage into dry, callused skin. For best results, use after showering on damp skin.
For external use only.
Storage: Keep in cool, dry place. Best to keep next to bed to remember to use daily.

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Cold pressed olive oil, shea butter, organic beeswax, cold pressed castor oil, T-50 tocopherol (vitamin E), chamomile essential oil, tea tree oil, orange oil

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Weight 5 oz


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